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Bobby enjoys writing songs about the south and about people with robust lifestyles. He chooses to avoid the limelight when not performing on stage. However, on stage, Bobby is a energetic entertainer in the tradition of Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis. His song writing style has been described as "Randy Newman with bite." Some songs are not appropriate for children.



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Bobby Lounge was born in the deep south in 1950. He learned to play piano before his early teens and was influenced by southern gospel, blues, and barrelhouse piano players.

What is the Bobby Lounge Iron Lung Tour? The tour usually consists of a troupe of 3 individual talents:

Bobby Lounge - see above
Nurse Gina Pontevecchio - she has been described as "a lithe blonde in blue medical scrubs whom he called his muse, his comfort and a bona fide contortionist;" Bobby always travels with a nurse. While not attending to Bobby's needs, Ms. Pontevecchio enjoys reading and working out at the gym.
Prof. Calvin Tubbs, The Toastmaster - imagine Ed Sullivan mating with Huey Long - Bobby's biggest fan introduces the audience to Bobby after several electrifying proclamations.

Notes from John Preble, manager of Bobby Lounge
I first saw Bobby Lounge perform in concert in New Orleans in the early eighties. He came with a large entourage and gave what I thought was an incredible performance. Months after this show, we became friends and we discussed the idea of Bobby developing an entertaining night club show. I also encouraged him to continue to write and we began recording his music on simple home audio cassette recorders. Unfortunately, Bobby became ill (chronic fatigue syndrome)and could not perform publicly. Now, after over 20 years, he has learned to "manage" his health problems and he will
performing one or two shows during 2005.

This web site has two actual photos of Bobby Lounge - they are below. Bobby likes all his fans and the "special" fans too - but he chooses not to have a recognizable photo of himself on this website.

Bobby Lounge at the 2005 New Orleans Jazz Festival
Bobby Lounge at the 2005 New Orleans Jazz Festival with his iron lung

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